learn how blockchain technology can add value to your business



Blockchain is a breakthrough in distributed ledger technology.  A Blockchain is an algorithm that validates transactions by deciphering a block in the chain by so called ‘miners’. An “open” ledger is thus created, with ledger elements and activities pre-defined by the blockchain initiators, developers or private owners. Once the ledger elements are defined and the rules are agreed upon by the network, that same network can start using the blockchain.


Blockchain was designed to radically lower uncertainty in value transfer processes. Lowering uncertainty is traditionally achieved through human interaction, but blockchain can achieve this at a scale that is not humanly possible.


Blockchain is a highly disruptive and complex technology. We found that many organisations have questions about what Blockchain can mean for them.  With this toolkit we want to achieve a simple process that leads to blockchain concepts with a clear value.


The Blockchain Value Design Method aims to help you find opportunities within your business or organisation where blockchain can make a real difference and add significant value. The exercises in this toolkit were designed to simplify and structure the decision making process around blockchain technology. Paper prototypes help to explain your model to other stakeholders and experts who can then help you to bring your use case to the next stage: building a proof of concept. Feel free to contact us if you'd like more information or to organise a personalised workshop around Blockchain Technology.